New photo of a Blue-topped Satyr, Chloreuptychia sericeella [139-7]
photo by Jeffrey Glassberg

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Updated Information for A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico & Central America

Brushfoots: Satyrs and Ticlears

Page 136
Page 134

January 11, 2009. New photo of a Guatemalan Pedalio, Pedaliodes napaea [134-10]
Photo by John van Dort

April 13, 2008. New photos of Dejected Pedalio, Pedaliodes dejecta [134-11]
Photos by Jane Ruffin and Ahmet Baytas (inset)


New photo of a Oaxacan Gemmed-Satyr, Cyllopsis undescribed [136-3]
photo by Jeffrey Glassberg


Page 139
Page 143
New photo of a Brown-rimmed Clearwing, Pteronymia rufocincta [143-7]
photo by Jeffrey Glassberg
New photo of a Mexican Blue-Satyr, Cepheuptychia glaucina [139-10]
Photo by Nelson Dobbs
Page 142
April 13, 2008. New photo of a Fiddler's Ticlear, Godyris nero [142-6]
photo by Ahmet Baytas