Sept. 30, 2008. Remove blue color wash from Eastern Tailed-Blue. It ranges south to Panama.
Page 55
Page 47
New range of Strophius Hairstreak, Allosmaitia strophius [40-12]

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Updated Information for A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico & Central America

Hairstreaks, Coppers and Blues

Page 40
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August 20, 2009. New photo and range for Schaus' Streaklet, Ipidecla schausi [37-12]


New range of Zebina Hairstreak, Rekoa zebina [40-11]
Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak, Strymon alea [47-7] ranges south to northern South America. Blue color wash over name should be removed.
Page 45
New photo of a Tear-spotted Hairstreak, Dicya carnica [45-6]
photo by Nelson Dobbs
Page 54
New photo and range for Guatemalan Hairstreak, Callophrys guatemalena [54-14]
photo by Jeffrey Glassberg

Add photo and range for Yucatan subspecies of Western Pygmy-Blue, Brephidium exile yucateca
photo by Frank Model

Page 46
March 30, 2008. New range for Pale Ministreak, Ministrymon una [46-7]
(previous map was due to a cartographical error)
Page 49
April 13, 2008. New photo of a Flying-W Hairstreak, Strephonota ericeta [49-9]
photo by Ahmet Baytas
Page 43
Aug. 20, 2008. New photo and text for Guatemalan Blackstreak, Ocaria petelina [43-4]
photo by Bill Berthet
Page 53
Aug. 20, 2009. New photo of a female Salvin's Dreamstreak, Erora gabina [53-3]
photo by Dan Hardy
Page 51
Aug 20, 2009. New photos of Susanna's Groundstreak, Calycopis origo [51-7] and
Ochre Groundstreak, Calycopis trebula [51-10]