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Updated Information for A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico & Central America

The PDF files, provided in the links below, (placed in the same position on the page as in the Swift Guide -- you may need to scroll down the page) can be printed, cut out and pasted into your Swift Guide to provide the latest information and photos. If you have excellent photos of live butterflies that are currently illustrated in the Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico & Central America by an image of a museum specimen, please send a high resolution image to and we will place it on these web pages and use it to improve the Swift Guide, attributing the photograph to you.

Last Updated on Feb. 25, 2010

Updates to Swallowtails Last updated March 30, 2008

Updates to White and Yellows Last updated Sept. 29, 2007

Updates to Hairstreaks, Blues and Coppers Last updated Aug. 21, 2009

Updates to Metalmarks Last updated Feb. 5, 2010

Updates to Brushfoots: Heliconians and True Brushfoots Last updated Aug. 20, 2009

Updates to Brushfoots: Admirals and Relatives Last updated July 15, 2009

Updates to Brushfoots: Leafwings and Relatives and Emperors and Relatives Last updated Aug 20, 2009

Updates to Brushfoots: Owl-Butterflies, Morphos and Monarchs Last updated Oct. 15, 2007

Updates to Brushfoots: Satyrs and Ticlears Last updated January 11, 2009

Updates to Firetips and Spreadwing Skippers Last updated February 25, 2010

Updates to Skipperlings and Grass-Skippers Last updated Aug. 20, 2009